It’s time….

Third trimester and many appointments later I was starting to get tired and grumpy of hospitals I know they had to find out what was wrong and the extent of the cleft but I had enough and this was without knowing what was to follow in the next 10 years!

Now, I remember the date well 30th October 2006 on this morning I had rang my sister Sharon and asked when would I know I’m in labor she giggled at me and told me not too worry as I would definitely know when my waters break, after some reassurance I went round to her house that night and she massaged my feet as they doubled in size, she would massage them until they returned to normal each week, for this I will always be eternally grateful as they were hard to walk on I had carried a lot of water I later found out!! This was the same night I had a massive spider crawl up my leg unknown to me, Sharon saw it and didn’t want to startle me or even more bring on early labour haha. However we called upon my nephew who was only 11 (I think) at the time and asked him to get it he was brave and didn’t think twice about help he just reached down, removed the spider and checked I was OK, to this day he has continued to be a support to me and our family, he also later became Godfather to my baby girl. So after the spider incident Sharon found some spider stop spray for me to spray around the house just in case I was to pick up any more unwanted guests haha. This night I went home and sprayed around the front door to keep those eight legged freaks away from me, little did I know what was to happen next.

It was 00:05 in the morning and I remember needing the little girls room being so large and tired I didn’t want to get up but I had no choice when I realised this was it, this was the moment we would soon get to meet our little bundle of joy earlier than scheduled (originally due 22nd November). I rang through to the hospital and I remember thinking to myself I will stay at home until it’s time but ‘no’ not me because my baby was 1 day early from term I had to go straight in. From this moment it was a comedy scene we picked up the case and everything fell out I wasn’t ready I hadn’t finished packing I thought we had more time, from there we ran down the stairs and flew to the hospital (well not fly but was trying to get there ASAP) all the time I was losing my waters it just didn’t stop. Upon getting to the hospital I was offered a wheel chair but me being stubborn thought no way I am doing this and getting to the labor ward on my own.

From here is where I sat for the next eternity ok maybe not that long but it sure felt like it as the pain surged through me. The next thing I remember was Karen Marshall and a University student (her name slips my memory – will call her my Angel) came in and asked how long I had been having pains, I told them it was a good few hours and this was when she gave me Pethadine and an anti sickness didn’t work as I was so sick and got moved to a different room. As the pain ripped through my whole body I soon found out my baby was back to back against my spine of which increases the pain considerably, I held out my hand to my angel (and she surely was that), she supported me through everything as well as Jason but this was just over and beyond her duties. Held my hand whilst each pain came and went, assisted me to shower, stayed with me the whole time, the pain got too intense and I screamed out for an epidural, after this I felt I could relax a little as I was beginning to lose control of my body and what was happening breathing was getting faster and I began to panic.

The hours ticked by and I was drifting in and out of sleep, only to be woke up by being told to eat as my keytones had dropped, each time I managed a mouthful of toast and then fell back to sleep guessing it was the epidural and other drugs I had asked for to ease the pain that made me sleepy. It got to 3 pm and Karen Marshall and my Angel were preparing to do a shift change but both insisted that they wanted to see my labor through and that they did, neither of them left me and every step of the way they stood by me talking, making me eat, supporting and topping up the epidural :). It was now getting close to the time where the work would begin and as I prepared to give birth I was joined by a number of nurses I am guessing this was all because of the cleft. I later found out that Hinchingbrooke Hospital had NEVER seen one!!! So I had Karen, my Angel, Senior Staff Nurse, Ward Nurse and also a receptionist who came in at one of the crucial moments to tell us that one of our mum’s was on the telephone and did Jason want to come and talk, everyone turned around and shouted ‘NO’ this makes me giggle now that poor receptionist what she must of thought. Anyway with everyone in the small delivery room and standing at the edge of the bed, we asked for Anne Moss to be contacted but sadly they didn’t contact her of which later revealed she was so upset and had words with the staff on duty. Anyway as I was told to push, breathe, push breathe, hold, wait, keep going and PPPPUUUUSSSSHHH, I was just getting tired and the more I tried I thought I couldn’t do this it was hard, I wasn’t getting anywhere until they mentioned assisted delivery – it was at that point ‘No Way’ I am not doing that and worked harder, gave my biggest push and put my all into it and there was my baby!!

A BOY Jason shouted no no it’s a GIRL the midwife corrected and there she was my beautiful little girl, not the perfect nose or rose lips but perfect to me as she looked up at me she had THE most beautiful eyes I didn’t see the cleft I saw her and the young girl she would become.

This has been a long one and will leave it there for now, keep following me as I reveal our journey through the hospital’s, home and even more hospitals.

Thank you xx